Crystals and Waist Beads - The Perfect Alignment

Crystals and Waist Beads: The perfect alignment and why you should try them

Waist beads, also known as belly beads, body beads, accountability beads and healing beads have so many purposes. Many women around the world wear them for many purposes. However, I want to speak specifically on the power of the alignment between crystals and waist beads. Crystal waist beads is what I consider an old tradition made modern. While the history of waist beads itself date back to traditional african culture. Today, crystal waist beads have become very popular amongst women all over the world. Over the past 2-5 years, women have become more intentional about their mental and spiritual health. Finding a spiritual path that not only provides the necessary tools for growth but that also heals past wounds have become a requirement to living their best life and I am loving it.

 Many people often think the most powerful chakras are either the root or the crown. But the sacral chakra, especially for women hold so much power. The sacral chakra is where life begins. It is the gateway to healing. Essentially crystal waist beads aren’t just handmade beaded jewelry, it is a metaphysical tool. These are beads with meaning, as each color has its own healing purposes. Beware when purchasing colorful waist beads. When you pair the color purpose along with the energetic properties of the crystals and the placement close to the sacral chakra then you are unlocking the ability to manifest so much.


Women are no longer sitting back and letting life happen. They are using all resources to manifest their best life. They are using rose quartz waist beads to increase self-love, tiger eye waist beads for strength, amethyst for peace and increase intuition, citrine for increased happiness and aventurine for prosperity. And last but not least, clear quartz, the queen mother crystal. Clear quartz is known to be multi-dimensional and versatile, as it covers so many areas.



Crystal waist beads allows the use of crystal healing energy in both an unintentional and intentional way. When choosing your crystal waist bead, you should be very intentional. Once received, you want to cleanse them and then set your intentions. However, they are so comfortable, that removing them isn’t necessary. We curate both clasp waist beads and traditional (tie-on) waist beads so the option is always yours.


The benefits of wearing your crystals and beads around the waist are endless. I was forever changed once I felt the magic from the energetic power of having my beads and crystals near me at all times.  The immediate benefits include but are not limited to, increased divine feminine energy, confidence and body awareness. Future benefits include, increased self-love, conscious of healthier habits, body shaping and energetic protection to name a few.


I hoped this provided you with some information as to why you should try crystal waist beads if you have not. Subscribe to my youtube for more information on this topic to come. Shop and use code “BP2021” to receive 15% off your first order.

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