Is it……. Divorce week or Divorce month?

Is it……. Divorce week or Divorce month?

With all these divorces announcements dropping and the increased number of women practicing celibacy I am high concerned about the state of black love. The whole thing has me mind blown because it’s a catch twenty-two. In one sense it brings me great joy to see black woman taking back their power and not staying in marriages miserable until the kids get older or allowing men to penetrate their sacred womb when their offerings do not align with her wants and needs. However, with these two things trending my hope is lowering while my standards remain firm.

I could stew in these feelings; I could attempt to do something about it OR I could redirect my energy like I have most of these past 3 years of my spiritual journey. You already know what I chose to do. These strands of magic (it’s how I see my waist beads) have been a staple in my spiritual journey, along with my sage, sage spray and palo santo. With each phase I have manage to create a strand with the perfect crystal. When I needed the strength to get through burying my father, I made sure I kept a tiger eye strand on. When I found out I was pregnant (with my big age) I wore an amethyst strand so that I could be at peace with the situation. As I carried my daughter to ensure I emitted loving energy I wore a moonstone and rose quartz strand. And to boss up and manifest abundance to provide for my kids I wore citrine. I also credit citrine for helping keep my mood up to prevent post-partum.

So now, at 996 days of celibacy it’s time to see what’s in the streets but the growing number of women practicing celibacy gives me pause. Ok, to be honest that isn’t the only thing giving me pause. The thought of reconnecting with a man again in a sexual manner has me both excited (it’s the Scorpio in me) and petrified (it’s the spiritual goddess in me). The research I have done regarding what Sexual Energy Exchange really is and how it affects you both spiritually and scientifically is astonishing. After all this work that has been done, I cannot and will not be laying with anyone’s unhealed souls.


Now back to divorce week. Not sure what the cause of all these divorces are for but I do know there are many marriages that suffer from a lack of intimacy. This post on IG, explains the domino affect of how couples end up sexual repressed, resentful, and ultimately cheating or connecting with someone else. I know marriage takes two, but I am an advocate for worrying about myself and knowing I cannot control another being. So, take look at this post in case you missed it on how to increase intimacy with yourself. And, this post on how waist beads can help you reconnect with your sexuality.


Also, you can revisit my Blog post on unlocking new levels of intimacy with waist beads


Until next time, let see if I am going to drop a “This is celibacy” collection lol

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