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Manifesting self love with Rose Quartz Waist Beads

Manifest Self-Love with Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz waist beads are one of the most popular trends currently being to manifest love. Rose quartz it’s is a crystal people have been using for thousands of years. It is known to emit strong vibrations of self-love, joy and emotional healing.

Let's discuss rose quartz's benefits and healing properties and learn how you can use them to manifest self-love.

What is Rose Quartz?

The rose quartz is a pale pink member of the quartz crystal family. The use of the crystal dates back as far as 7,000 BC. The crystal of unconditional love has been used as a love token since 600 BC and remains a significant talisman in relationships. It is not a rare crystal, and it is most commonly found across the United States, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Germany.

Rose Quartz Waist beads

Rose quartz waist beads allows to wear your crystal day and night without any thoughts or reminders to grab rose quartz. Rose quartz waist beads allows you to have a consistent loving energy with you at all times. It provides with a frequency that will help you continue to love yourself through failing moments and also helps heal a broken heart.

Benefits of Using Rose Quartz

Balancing the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, Anahata, is the root of loving and caring energy in your body. It maintains the balance between other chakras. Rose quartz and heart chakra connect spontaneously to bring balance to your life.

Achieving Self-Love

Rose quartz is a well-known crystal for attracting love. However, the love isn't necessarily external, but it can be the love you have for yourself. You will better realize your worth and learn to appreciate yourself by keeping rose quartz close to you. Nothing can be closer to you than placing this stone near your womb. The woman womb is at the center of the body and holds so much healing power. Through this self-love and healing, you open the door to new possibilities and opportunities.

Nourishing your relationships

Rose quartz will also nourish and improve any relationship you have in your life. The soothing energy of the crystal flourishes into the bonds you have with others and makes them stronger than ever.

Inviting Love

Rose quartz is well-known for its power in attracting love. When you have rose quartz with you, love and kindness somehow find their way to you. It manifests the magical power of love around you and flourishes into the world.

Expressing fulfillment

In life, everyone is on their journey to find fulfillment and to achieve their true purpose. The rose quartz's soothing ability brings a sense of fulfillment from within and takes you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Emotional well-being

The healing properties of the crystal help you stabilize your emotions and take control of your thoughts. Using rose quartz under challenging times can help you regain control and deal with the situation better.

Ways to Manifest with Rose Quartz

First always cleanse and set intentions. For best results, always give your crystals directions. 

1) Wear rose quartz. This can be rose quartz waist beads, rose quartz anklet, rose quartz bracelet or as simple as a small tumbler in your pocket or bra. 

2) Meditate with rose quartz. Place either a piece of raw or tumbled rose quartz in your hand and hold it close to your heart during meditation.

3) Place it under your pillow for manifesting love and sweet dreams

4) Place rose quartz it in the southwest direction of your bedroom to attract and amp up the romance. 

Wear Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has significant physical and emotional healing energy. It can soothe burns and reduce blistering if rubbed against a smooth stone or used as an elixir. You may also use it as an elixir to remove the appearance of scars, reduce wrinkles, and improve your complexion. Additionally, it stimulates the proper heart and circulatory system and relieves stress and tension. It assists in healing kidneys and adrenals, aids lung problems and soothes bronchial areas.

The soft pink emanations of the crystal heal any wounds the heart has suffered. It penetrates deep into the Heart Chakra, where emotional experiences are recorded and stored. It dissolves all negative energy suppressing the ability to give and receive love and replaces it with positive energy and inner strength. It brings out a deep sense of fulfillment where inner peace and contentment can become a personal reality.

How to Clean and Charge Rose Quartz

Similar to your smartphone, your crystals need to reenergize and recharge every once in a while. It is a way of clearing up the negative vibes and rejuvenating the healing power. To clean and charge your rose quartz waist beads, you only need three things -  water, moonlight, and good intentions.

The first step is to clear your headspace and to ground yourself through meditation and healing affirmations. The next step is to place your rose quartz waist beads in direct moonlight during a full moon. You can set your waist beads on the windowsill or outside for it to charge from the moonlight. However, be careful about charging it in a full moon eclipse, which can deposit chaotic and negative energy into the crystal. You can also bury the crystal in the ground for the earth to absorb any unwanted energy. If you are only cleansing a rose quartz stone you can use rainwater or soak it in a bowl of saltwater. This is not advised for waist beads.

Rose Quartz "Self-Love" Bathing Ritual

The rose quartz bathing ritual is a bath to inspire self-love and to flourish it externally. A self-love spiritual bath is a great way to relax and prepare before setting new intentions on your waist bead before placing them around your sacral chakra. It is best to complete this ritual during a waxing moon as it is time to recharge, reflect, and regenerate.


  • a rose quartz crystal
  • rose petals
  • candles
  • your favorite bath products
  • the fragrance of your choice
  • body oil or fragrance infused lotion


Start by creating a quiet, peaceful environment free from any distractions. Let others know that you will be performing this ritual and ask for their cooperation.

Gather all of the ingredients in the bathroom and start by filling up the bathtub with lukewarm water. Then pour in bath products and the fragrance of your choice. Next, light a few candles to create an ambiance of relaxation. Put the rose quartz in the tub and get in the water. As you soak, hold the crystal and start by letting go of any negative emotions that you are holding within yourself. Think of the moments of love in your life and soak yourself in those memories. Reignite self-love within yourself as you recite self-love affirmations:

I love and accept all of myself, the good and the bad.

I am the best version of myself, and I am worthy of love.

I am grateful for the love that I have received.

I will spread joy and love.

The world is good, and I'm a part of it.

I am love.

Inhale and exhale with a sense of self and repeat your affirmations as many times as you want. You can spend as long as you need in this relaxing bath. When you feel ready, get out of the tub and gently pat yourself down. Proceed to apply your body oil or lotion as you recite the affirmations and continue to relax.

With the healing power of the rose quartz and the sensation of self-love, you are now ready to go out into the world with a radiant heart.


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