Unlocking new levels of intimacy with waist beads

Traditionally, waist beads are worn for spiritual purposes but because they serve so many purposes, women buy them for many reasons. I want to touch on the topic about waist beads and the benefits on them on your intimate life. When most women wear waist beads, they have a higher sense of confidence and divine feminine energy which unlocks the power wielded around her sexuality. Many women will tell you that waist beads improved intimacy in the bedroom starting with foreplay, as men can’t help the energetic pull that causes them to continuously caress them along the curves of your waist.

Your entire sexual experiences can change simply by adding waist beads into your practice. Waist beads allow you explore another level of passion with your partner.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. Adorning your waist allows you to be sexy and save your partner work undressing. Your bare temple is beautiful and waist beads draw a greater appreciation for it.
  2. Much like Lingerie but easier, waist beads allow you to set a particular mood or emit a certain energy. Set the stage, it is yours!
  3. Will aid you in high vibrational exchange or protection during your sacred energy exchange.
  4. Recharge your sexuality and sensuality.
  5. An easily custom item that can be tailored to your relationship specific healing needs.
  6. Visually speaking, the movement of the beads against their skin during intimacy, increases the sensation.
  7. The sound of the waist beads for some increases one’s performance level. The sound is capable of heightening sexual urges and desires as well as increasing sexual libido.