Why emitting a love frequency is major hack for manifesting everything.

Why emitting a love frequency is major hack for manifesting everything.

“The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can admit. The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.” – RHONDA BYRNE

What brought this blog on? Story time… This weekend I had the luxury to have a conversation around healing with my sister. This isn’t exactly new for us but for this conversation I was on the defense and whether we welcome these conversations or not, they are not always easy to have. I ended this conversation like I do most with doing a self-awareness check. After I completed the check, I realized some of my wording may not have been received in the way I wanted and that my response or message came from a place of defense not love. I am human BUT when you know better, you do better.

Lately, the universe and guides keep sending me signs that I need work on ensuring I am emitting a loving vibration because that is the key to manifesting anything. Truth is, almost everything you want is on the other side of love. Loving energy makes you likable for job interviews, we would like to believe that jobs are hiring us based on skill set alone but that isn’t true. When running a business, you learn consumers buy your products based on your story and likeability. You know, that like trust and know factor. When dating, again you cannot manifest the man you need if you aren’t vibrating on that level. You tribe, yup you know it…. Your vibe attracts tribe.

 As a friendly reminder not to set intentions and not be intentional, the universe constantly throws these life challenges my way to remind me to get back to focusing on being intentional about ensure I am emitting the loving energy needed to receive all that I am manifesting. So, after that conversation with my sister, I grabbed a new strand of rose quartz waist beads, set me intentions, applied them, mediated, and spoke loving affirmations and then played overnight a Hz 852 frequency that heals the heart chakra. The next morning, I texted my sister to clear up any misunderstanding that may have occurred when I was attempting to stand firm on my boundaries in a way that could have lacked loving energy and I listened to Queen Afua interview with 19 Keys on High Lvl Conversations, if you do not know what High lvl conversations is then thank me later, it is has been high vibrational food for my soul.


I could say the universe impresses me with how fast it works but at this point to be honest I am not surprised. About 1.5 hours after I arrived at work a coworker came in and gifted me flowers from her garden. I have been wanting to put flowers on my dinning table for a few weeks now but haven’t made it a priority so you can imagine how elated I was to receive them. They are beautiful, bright, smell delicious and exactly what I needed on a Monday morning. If you have been on the journey long enough, then you’re probably just as intuitive as I am and often catch those moment of synchronicity. I knew immediately this was a direct result of my intentional efforts to emit loving energy.


Here are a few tips I use to help me emit more loving energy:

  •  Listen to Hz 852 or surprisingly, your favorite love songs
  • Increase self love practices
  • Heart opening yoga poses
  • Wear, mediate or manifest with love crystals such as (rose quartz, morganite, rhodonite, moonstone, kunzite)
  • Use rose, jasmine, myrtle, neroli or palmarosa essential oils
  • Light a white, red or pink candle
  • Drink tea made with or include in a spiritual bath the following herbs Rose, howthorn, linden, motherwort, lemon balm
  • Have an attitude of gratitude

I hope these tips help you as well. Until next time, lots of love and light with a dash of the residual bullshit that we are dodging

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