Please consult with your Physician if you are or believe you are allergic to metals, glass or seed beads. The Vybe Collection is NOT responsible or liable for any allergic reactions. If you feel skin irritation while wearing our Vybe Waist Beads, please remove immediately.

Please keep beads away from children and animals to prevent eating or choking.



Returns and shipment

Q: What is your exchange and return policy?

A: Due to nature of our products and the integrity of The Vybe Collection to provide new, clean and energetically free waist beads, we are no longer offering exchanges. However, we do offer refunds for any items damaged within 10 days of the sale. Customer Service is our first priority, please feel free to reach out to us with your questions and concerns about sizing, colors or general question. We will reply to all Emails and Social Media Messages with in 24-48 hours.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: We ship daily, all orders are individual hand made after order is received and will ship around 14 days after placed via First-Class through the United States Postal Service (USPS) with Tracking on all orders. Delivery usually takes 2-3 days depending on shipping location.

ALL Shipping fees are based on USPS current rates and are subject to change.


Waist Bead Questions and Care

Due to natural body fluids, showering, working out and general daily wearing, some beads may change colors. All beads are on elastic stretch and should be handled with care by the wearer to avoid damaging.

Q: Which waist beads are good for weight loss and tracking?

A: Our tie-on traditional strands. They do not stretch which means that there is a restriction on your waist growth. It serves as a constant reminder to be more in tuned with our bodies.

Q: Are the waist beads one size fits all?

A:  No, each strand is made specifically to fit each client. When you place your order please select appropriate waist size in inches. Our standard sizes fits up to 45". Standard Plus strands are an additional $5 per every additional 5 inches.

Q: Are the waist beads handmade?

A: Yes, ALL waist beads are handmade. Our stretch clasp waist beads on a durable elastic cord with a barrel clasp. And our tie-on traditional style waist bead with nylon thread. The Vybe Collection does not purchase wholesale waist beads and resell them. All Waist Beads are spiritually curated by us in our studio with the highest of positive energy.

Q: Will the color fade?

A: Depending on the bead, yes. Some beads may fade over time from natural body oils, sweat, water, etc. Because this is often a concern, you will see we use a variety of beads. A lot of our designs use beads where the color lined beads that has minimum chances of fading.

Q: Do you offer customs?

A: Yes, we offer customs at an additional charge but they are put on hold for the holiday season. Customs will be back available 2022.

Q: Where are you located and is there a shop I can visit?

A: The Vybe Collection studio is located in Prince George’s county, MD but not accessible to customers. However, we participate in events throughout Maryland, DC and other east coast cities. Know of an event you would like to see us at, send us an email: info@thevybecollection.com

Q: Do you offer gift card?

A: Yes, you can purchase gift cards here

Visit our contact us page to inquire.